Banana for dogs


Bananas are quite a popular fruit that people use in everyday life almost every day. Therefore, people began to give bananas to their pets. However, you need to understand in advance: can dogs eat bananas as a food?

Dogs are not picky animals, so they are able to eat everything that people will give. However, the owner must think through the entire diet for his pet, which will not bring any harm.

Bananas for dogs

Bananas can be eaten by dogs because they are completely harmless to their bodies.

Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

  1. Bananas contain a huge amount of useful substances that help the dog’s body to function better and get the necessary minerals and vitamins. For example, vitamin C will strengthen the immune system.
  2. Bananas cleanse the dog’s body of various toxic substances that can accumulate in the process of physiological processes. This is a great way to eliminate toxins and make the body clean.

When are Bananas Bad for Dogs?

However, bananas should be given in small quantities to dogs, because a large dose can lead to disruption of the body of the dog.

  1. Banana – very high-calorie fruit, so it helps the body to get a large amount of energy. Bananas help dogs become more active in order to run and play more.
  2. At the same time, bananas can cause obesity in dogs. This is important to consider. So, if your dog moves a little, it’s better not to give bananas at all.

How many bananas can i give to my pet?

You must give half a banana in a week. This is the optimal amount that is harmless and even beneficial.

  1. Be sure to peel bananas. Firstly, the skin does not contain any vitamins that can be beneficial for the animal. Secondly, it is completely tasteless, so the dog can refuse the fruit.
  2. Bananas are especially useful for those pets that have chronic diseases: heart, kidney, or stomach problems.
  3. Bananas contain potassium, which will help improve and stabilize the cardiovascular system. With the frequent use of bananas in small quantities, will improve heart rate.

How bananas can help with the health problems?

The kidneys are the main organ of the excretory system, therefore, in case of the disease of this organ, it is important to help the dog’s body eliminate harmful substances.

If the dog is suffering from constant diarrhea, then bananas will help to prevent pain in the organs of the digestive system, as well as fill in the missing substances that are removed by diarrhea in large quantities.


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