Banana Diet

Morning banana diet

The secret of this diet lies in … bananas. Yes, yes it is in them, and this is despite the fact that in most cases bananas for those who want to lose weight are encouraged to exclude this fruit from the diet.

Imagine: you eat bananas every morning and at the same time lose 1 kg of each laziness. Doesn’t it sound attractive?

In addition, this diet will not require any excessive effort from you. In general, changing your eating habits is not necessary. The author of this weight loss system is a Japanese nutritionist Hiroshi Watanabe. He presented a diet in his book with a saying title: “Morning banana diet.”

The history of the diet

Began with the fact that Dr. Watanabe many years tried to lose weight. He tried many diets but later decided to rely not on them, but on scientific knowledge, which he learned from scientific works. His wife Suliko is a pharmacist and a co-author of the book. Together, the couple came up with a method of losing weight, which has become incredibly fast gaining popularity not only in Japan but throughout the world. It is especially good for those who do not like to sweat in the gym.

The benefits of bananas for weight loss

Doctors recommend eating bananas for people who have problems with the gall bladder, kidneys, stomach. Japanese banana diet is an excellent prophylactic against cellulite. Fruits help fight depression. Fruits include tryptophan – a substance that produces the happiness hormone serotonin, you can improve your mood. The benefits of bananas for the body:

  1. Strengthening bones. Fruit detains calcium, it is not excreted in the urine, but remains in the body and works to strengthen bones.
  2. Bananas are the only fruits that do not give an allergic reaction.
  3. Enhance mental abilities. Potassium in bananas helps a person to better perceive new information.
  4. Constipation. The fruits are useful to those people who suffer from constipation. Regular consumption of fruit for a long time will get rid of the problem.
  5. Anemia. The high content of iron in banana pulp made the fruit a useful product for anemia.
  6. Edema. Eating fruits reduces swelling in people if they suffer from this problem. Improving intestinal microflora. Thanks to the enzymes that make up the fruit, substances that get from food, faster absorbed by the body.
  7. Stop smoking. When disaccustoming from a bad habit, doctors recommend eating bananas, because A large amount of potassium, vitamins, magnesium helps to quickly remove nicotine residues from the body.
  8. Treatment of the stomach. Fruit helps to quickly get rid of heartburn. Banana pulp gently envelops the stomach walls, protecting it from acids and aggressive substances in food, this contributes to scarring and healing of ulcers in the stomach.
  9. Cramps. The high content of potassium in the pulp of the fruit helps from cramps of the gastrocnemius muscles and those people who train a lot.
  10. Nausea. Bananas are an excellent remedy for eliminating nausea on the road or in case of toxicosis in pregnant women. Improve digestion. Pectins that make up the fruit remove harmful substances and toxins, while improving digestion.
  11. For women. Useful substances present in the fruit, effectively relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (irritation, fatigue, headache).
  12. Kidney. Fruits have a positive effect on the work of the kidneys. Nutrients, vitamins, and microelements improve their condition, remove stones and sand.
  13. Heart diseases. The presence of potassium in bananas helps to reduce the risk of a heart attack, improve the condition of blood vessels.
  14. Immunity. The presence of antioxidants, amino acids in bananas protects the body and improves immunity.

Is it simple?

Doctors usually advise fat people to do more physical work to burn more calories. But Japanese people and all others usually have no time to workout. This is how this simple solution came: one fresh banana and a glass of water in the morning, instead of breakfast. With a banana, everything is simple and fast – cleaned and eaten, while it does not matter whether you are at home, at work, or even on the road, the main thing is to have one banana with you. The hardest part is to hold out and eat nothing until lunch.

Types of banana diet:

There are several types of banana diet. Choose the one that is easiest to stick with. After all, the main secret of successful weight loss on bananas is the strict observance of all the rules of the chosen nutrition program. Otherwise, dropped pounds can quickly return.

Pure banana diet: a sparing option

A clean banana diet can be a three-day or week-long depending on how much you need to lose weight. Bear in mind: 1 kilogram usually leaves per day.

Program for 1 day (three days):- 1.5 kilograms of pure bananas (only pulp is counted in weight), preferably for 6 meals;
– water and green tea – unlimited;
– the last meal – no later than 3 hours before bedtime.
– From the 4th day, 1-2 boiled eggs or 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese are added to the ration.

Pure banana diet: a strict option

In this version, diet is recommended to stick no longer than 3 days. During this time, you can lose weight by 4-5 pounds.

Daily program: – 4 bananas per day at any time.
– Water – unlimited.

Banana-milk diet: a sparing option

You can observe up to 10 days. 700 grams per day supposedly goes away – in a week you will lose 4–5 kilograms.

Program for 1 day: – 4 bananas;
– 1-liter nonfat milk (you can substitute kefir or half a liter of drinking yogurt)

Banana-milk diet: a strict option

A strict banana-milk diet is observed for 3 days, maximum – 5.

Daily program: – 3 medium-sized bananas;
– 3 cups nonfat milk, you can substitute kefir or yogurt;
– water and green tea (without sugar) – unlimited;
– the last meal – no later than 6 pm;
– bananas and milk can be eaten both separately and together, you can knock down a blender – and make a cocktail of them.

Banana Curd Diet

Curd-banana diet is designed for 4 days and also has different options.

Nutrition Program: – 800 grams of cottage cheese (not more than 2% fat);
– 2 medium-sized bananas.
– Each meal – half a banana and 200 grams of cottage cheese.
– The product should not be combined: 1 meal – cottage cheese, the other – a banana; take turns with the interval between meals – 1.5–2 hours.

Apple-Banana Diet

The diet on bananas and apples is designed for a week. During its compliance, you can throw 7 pounds. The ration menu should be divided into 5-6 meals every day. In unlimited quantities, you can drink water without gas and tea without sugar.

First day: – green apples – 6 medium sized pieces;
– 9 medium bananas;
– 2 liters of skimmed milk.

Second day: – savory apples – 3 pieces;
– 9 medium bananas;
– 2 liters of skimmed milk.

Third and fourth days: – 1 apple;
– 9 medium bananas;
– 2 liters of skimmed milk.

Fifth and sixth days: – 6 apples;
– 2 liters of skimmed milk.

Seventh-day: – 3 bananas;
– 4 cups of milk.

Japanese banana diet – the easiest weight loss

Important rules of the Japanese diet:

  • sleep until 12 at night;
  • exclude alcohol, dairy products, and sweets;
  • drink only pure water without gas;
  • have dinner no later than 20.00.

Nutrition Program: breakfast – 1-2 unripe bananas and 1 glass of water at room temperature;
lunch – at your discretion;
afternoon snack – a light snack in the form of one small banana;
Dinner at your discretion.

How i can lose weight eating banana?

Starch is digestible and resistant. Resistant starch does not dissolve in the small intestine but should come directly in the colon, where the process of fermentation begins.

Is it really necessary to eat only 1 banana for breakfast?

In this regard, no strict rules. You can eat bananas as many as you want for breakfast. The Japanese follow the 80/20 rule (this is the percentage fullness of the stomach; they stand up from the table before they feel full) . They believe that it is very harmful to overload the stomach with excess food.

How to determine the saturation state?

Start with 1 banana. If after 20 minutes you still feel hungry, eat one more (if necessary, take it with you).

How to follow diet?

Basically, a banana diet is perpetual. However, first, try to practice it for no more than 7-10 days.

  1. Always drink a glass of warm water in the morning. This will also stimulate the metabolism. In general, ideally, you should first drink a glass of water, then devote time to yourself, and eat the banana only after an hour.
  2. Highly recommended to stop eating before 8 pm. In case, you need to go to bed until midnight. Scientists believe that the habit of staying up late is directly related to obesity. In addition, if you do not eat after 8 o’clock in the evening, over time you will be able to refuse fatty, high-calorie meals.
  3. Do not take any snack between these meals! An exception may be some fruit.
  4. During the morning banana diet, you should exclude from the diet all dairy products and alcohol in any form, this will reduce the level of fats and sugar in the blood. You should also avoid caffeine, so you can stabilize blood glucose and reduce appetite.

The benefits of a morning banana diet

  1. This is a very healthy diet. Bananas are rich in fiber and provide a lot of energy. In addition, they are not expensive, so you do not have to spend too much money.
  2. A regular breakfast speeds up metabolism and keeps us from overeating during the day. If you do not drink coffee in the morning, it will be much easier for your body to regulate appetite and blood glucose levels.
  3. A glass of water at room temperature speeds up metabolism.
  4. A banana diet is also an excellent prophylactic against cellulite.

Minuses of Banana Diet

  1. Eating just bananas all day is impossible – they are too high in calories.
  2. Banana diet is contraindicated in diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as people suffering from insulin susceptibility disorders.
  3. Due to the lack of strict nutritional rules and restrictions on the amount of food eaten, a banana diet can be ineffective for people suffering from severe obesity and an obsessive hunger.


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